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At only a few kilometers away from our campsite lies Martigues. A charming town at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and close to the lake of Berre. Loved by various artist, the town offers a wide range of culturel and historical places to tourists.


Martigues, a magical landscape

You will be enchanted by the many colorfull flowers in Martigues. The town gives you the possibility to discover the mediterranean flowers in several special places. In 1996, the town was given first price in a national contest. Outside of town, you will find the lake of Berre. It is famous for its refreshing and stroling possibilities during the summer. If you choose to make a city walk through Martigues, don’t forget to visit the neighborhoods ‘Ferrieres’, ‘l’Ile’ and ‘Jonquieres’.


Martigues – a city with a ritch history

Martigues is well known for its combining architecture like the Gallo Romain buildings and the more modern ones. A visit to the city to watch these buildings is a must-do. There are classified and protected sites to view.


Martigues – various activities

After a nice walk through the city there are various culturel things to see ; The museum Ziem, wich was recently labelised with ‘Musee de France’, the galerie of the history of Martigues, the cinema ‘Prosper Gignaz’, the theater of the ‘Salins-scene Nationale’ and many more. There are also guided tours through the city and even ones that take place at night (Ile and Jonquieres with an evening market).


Martigues – watersports

If you like to walk along the coast you can also try one of the canals of ‘Provencal Venice’. It’s little boats part from the harbour of Ferriers or the docks of Paul Domer. Through Martigues you can easily access the ocean by boat, waterbike or surfboard. In Martigues you will find many possibilities to participate in watersports. It is the place to be and its proffessionals are waiting to let you experience it !


Martigues – a gastronomical succes

The city offers a wide variety of restaurants that serve local specialties like ‘la brouillade d’oeufs a la poutargue’ or ‘la bourride’, a vish specialty with vegetables. You will see that Martigues not only pays attention to its cultural heritage but also to its gastronomical heritage.

Martigues is an extraordinary warm and welcoming city that offers a variety of tourist attractions, culturel heritage and lots of good restaurants. It is this that makes the 4th city of the Bouches du Rhone worth a visit.



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