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If there is one region in France that is unique in its kind, exotic and fascinating, its the Camargue. Images of bulls, boats, flamingo’s and many more make a visit to the Camargues worth your while. This exceptionally preserved area in between two legs of the Rhône surprises everybody with its beautifull nature.

At only a few moments away from Martigues, the Camargues offer a wide variety of activities during the summer.

At arrival you will see the beauty of the Camargues and its inhabitants like the flamingo’s. Before you decide to visit the tourist office, it is recommended to do a little discovering on your own. The preserved and classified nature, according to Natura 2000 offers footpaths, hikes and other activities. After your first impression, you can visit the tourist office to be guided through the many activities that the Camargues have to offer. At our reception we can profide you as well with information regarding the Camargues.

The domain of Mejanes is worth a visit. This domain is famous for its black bulls, rice and markings of the era of the Knights Templars.

The Camargues are not only recommended for its nature and its activities but also for its physical activities. Canoeing, mountainbiking, 4×4 and horseriding are just a few of the possibilities next to hiking. You will not be surprised when we say that they also provide ‘soft’ activities such as cloths designing and…

It is clear that the Camargue is a very unique and rich place. You can even rent a private beach to enjoy the Camargues amongst family. If you want to refresh yourself during a warm summer day, the Camargues offer pools and wet areas as well.

Enfin, la Camargue sous le soleil de l’été est aussi une invitation à ses laisser porter par le repos et la détente. Emportez votre maillot de bain et venez découvrir des lieux insolites et inédits pour vous promener et vous tremper dans l’eau. Pour tous ceux qui souhaitent lézarder au soleil pendant des heures sachez qu’il est possible de louer des plages privées pour plusieurs heures, histoire de se sentir parfaitement au calme. Cet avant goût de paradis au milieu de la nature est une des nombreuses promesses que la Camargue peut offrir à tous les vacanciers qui souhaitent allier dépaysement et repos.

Do not wait any longer and upgrade your stay with a visit to the Camargues.



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